Black boots


Fragile innocent beings

Walking with mature companions

Carrying boots of fascism

Lowered into the ground

Evidently sorry for this

Evidently forced to bear

The large black boots

Of the general so handsome.


CAIRO, Cairo and I

CAIRO, Cairo and I

Cairo sits on my tongue
And the taste of vanilla
Crisp chips and
Resistance- I feel
Mornings take me high
Above white heights and scoops
The serenity of peace
I drink afternoons with
Chilled Karakadey and sleep
Loosely on my couch
The energy of the 25th day of
That year caught me choosing
What coffee must
Lift my night-
But then and again- the
Whisper to my ears reminds
Of the luck of I being
In cairo and its taste
Keeps me hoodwinked
At the magic it presents



“All it has to take for evil to triumph is for the few good men to do nothing”

‘a revolution, a revolution, a revolution’
By 30 million ghosts signed by 1 million hands
‘counter revolution, counter revolution’
El baradei hosts
‘a revolution, a revolution’
The copts and muslims sanctify the army
‘a revolution! Backed by the army!’
Mansour- the puppet, sisi with strings
‘not a coup, not a coup!’
Morsi ‘kept’ for his safety
‘oh! Don’t say it’s a coup, we are behind the army!”
Channels, radio and humans arrested
‘okay okay a soft coup. A very soft coup’
Blood pools on the republican guards
‘erm erm lets say a technical coup that happened to
Save our great Egypt!’
Rounding up of ‘terrorists’ and suffocating them with gas
Then rabba happened
And more killings-
A thousand fed forced deaths and given ‘blissful’ deaths
On dead certificates-
It continues-
‘they should have left! They were warned!’
‘they had weapons they tortured- I saw it from my balcony’
‘hmmnn…RIP to all. But any way their fault’
‘they caused the coup’
‘they almost drowned Egypt’
‘they are terrorists’
‘geddad is a liar! Speech is free in jails!”
‘the MB are the cause of the whole of Egypt’s problem’
‘we don’t want the MB and the army’
‘those that died at mamoud had better Egyptian blood than rabba’
‘maverick. Middle mavericks we are!’
Silence. More die. Students jailed
‘………don’t know. Egypt. ‘
A tongue flexible like a Russian gymnast.
A tongue confused with lies.
A mouth the claims justice but salivates at
The Tyranny in Sisi’s sphere.



The liberals drank Rabba in one gulp

And they were happy so long as they

Were gone….they were gone

Gone they were into….

Prison holes, gulags, overhead tanks

APC’s, underground- BLACK OUT!

The satisfaction billowed media

Dancing towards the tune of the army

The contentment fixed on the show

‘once they are gone, we are on’

I would love to be a liberal if

Obama would let loose his drones

On the cheer makers behind the real terrorists

And would gladly accept the tag of

Sisi’s henchman if the army would

Suffocate the bodies from Rabba in their graves

So long as they are gone…gone…gone for good

It seems so, it appears so- I am in!


They carried weapons so they died easy

With bullets, birdshots and gas-

That felt easy

Morsi is gone

And we are happy

I prefer the curfews, bloodbaths and

The spiritual leader of the sisterhood’s head

Fed to the T.V screens or Ahram’s pitch

Army is here

We are happy, I am happy

They could carry out virginity tests

Allow for rapes in tahir while they push

Loot, burn and destroy the Sinai

Fold freedom into ‘Against terrorism’

Leap on both feet to free Mubarak

It’s okay by us- LIGHTS IN!


Sometimes to be for human rights

I would try to lean on the middle

And say ‘I am not for any of them’

Truly the blood rain has fed crops

And the fruits of conscience prick-

But well….just to appear as such

But still for Sisi’s touch,

I would chart the middle course

In the open-

And celebrate the gran commander

The liberator, the fuhrer – Sisi

In the closet- LIGHTS IN